First conference in Estonia

Erasmus Project NGOE First Conference Report – October 8, 2023

On October 8, 2023, the first conference of the Erasmus Project NGOE (Next Generation of Entrepreneurs) took place at Nooruse Majas, Pärnu, Estonia. The conference aimed to bring together various stakeholders, including youth workers, educators, representatives of business and parents associations, educational authorities, and policy makers, to discuss and promote the project's objectives, educational resources, and PR strategies. The conference was attended by 31 participants from Pärnu city and county.

Conference Agenda

The conference had the following key agenda items:

Welcome and Introduction: The event began with a warm welcome to all participants, followed by an introduction to the NGOE project and its goals.

Youth Work and Non-Formal Education: The first session focused on youth work and non-formal education, highlighting the importance of these fields in shaping the future of young people. Youth workers and leaders shared their experiences and insights.

Business and Parents Associations: Representatives from business associations and parents associations were invited as guest speakers to discuss their role in supporting youth education and development. They emphasized the need for collaboration between different stakeholders.

Educational Authorities and Policy Makers: Educational authorities and policy makers discussed the potential integration of NGOE educational resources into public programs aimed at young people. Their involvement was seen as crucial for the project's success.

Workshops and Idea Exchange: Participants engaged in workshops and brainstorming sessions, allowing them to share ideas and experiences related to NGOE topics and the project's PR strategies.

Closing Remarks: The conference concluded with closing remarks, emphasizing the importance of communication and the use of PR materials to achieve the project's goals.


The first NGOE conference successfully achieved its objectives:

Stakeholder Engagement: The conference brought together a diverse group of stakeholders, fostering communication and collaboration among youth workers, educators, business associations, parents associations, educational authorities, and policy makers.

Exchange of Ideas: Participants actively exchanged ideas and experiences related to NGOE topics and PR strategies. This exchange of knowledge is expected to contribute to the project's success in the long run.

Awareness and Commitment: Stakeholders expressed their commitment to the project's goals and agreed to support the implementation of NGOE educational resources in public programs.

PR Strategy: The conference highlighted the importance of PR materials in reaching a wider audience and increasing the project's impact.

Next Steps

As outlined in the project's original plan, each partner will host two conferences, with the next conference scheduled for January 2024. These conferences will continue to engage stakeholders, promote PR strategies, and work towards the successful implementation of NGOE educational resources in public programs.

In conclusion, the Erasmus Project NGOE's first conference was a significant step towards achieving its goals. It brought together key stakeholders and set the stage for further collaboration and progress in the coming months and years. We look forward to the next conference in January 2024 and the continued success of the NGOE project.


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