The NGOE partnership will organize 10 local First and final conferences of 1-day each in all partner countries. 

Each partner will host two conferences in August 2023 and in October 2024. Each conference has the aim to reach the higher number of stakeholders, foster the use of project PRs and raise the impact of the project. In each event will be involved:

*youth workers, youth leaders and all professional working with young people in non-formal settings.

* Representative of business associations and parents associations which will be invited as speakers.

* Educational authorities representatives and Policy makers, which can produce effective change and make possible the implementation of the full set of NGOE educational resources in public programmes targeting young people.

These stakeholders (different from project direct beneficiaries) will be invited in order to exchange ideas and experiences on the NGOE topic and PRs produced. The overall aim is to foster communication and the uptake of the use of the PRs created. 

Latest news


Intermediate meeting in Italy

Fourth Intermediate Meeting report Next Generation of Entrepreneurs 2021-2-EE01-KA220-YOU-000051095 Cooperation Partnership in the field of Youth Hosting partner: Associazione RUANA Meeting Address: Via Polenghi Lombardo, 26900 Lodi, Italy Date: 15/04/...

Estonia - dissemination event 21.03.2024

On March 21, 2024, we had the privilege of showcasing the impactful outcomes of the Erasmus project NGOE at the esteemed Pärnu Concert Hall. The event not only served as a platform for disseminating our project's results but also provided an invaluabl...

Spain - dissemination19.01.24

We are excited to share that PROJUVEN held a successful dissemination event in January 2024 presenting our new initiative Next Generation of Entrepreneurs to an enthusiastic audience of local youth workers. This event marks a significant milestone in our effor...