PR 4 Online Toolkit for students

The Online Toolkit for young people (PR4) will be freely accessible as an OER through the online platform and provide all the materials and necessary tools (both ICT and non-ICT tools) created within the framework of the NGOE project, to promote entrepreneurship among young people. The ICT tools that will back up the PR4 will be an Online Moodle Platform. The idea is to create an interactive online learning platform with user-friendly interface that will encourage involvement of the young people. The Online platform will ensure the visibility and promotion of PR4 and increase its impact, during and after project life-cycle. A user-friendly online registration procedure will be adopted to allow each user to take the different e-learning units of the PR4 and keep tracking of their personal work.

Latest news


Spain - dissemination19.01.24

We are excited to share that PROJUVEN held a successful dissemination event in January 2024 presenting our new initiative Next Generation of Entrepreneurs to an enthusiastic audience of local youth workers. This event marks a significant milestone in our effor...

Spain - dissemination event 25.11.23

Within the ambit of the "Next Generation of Entrepreneurs" project, PROJUVEN in november 2023 successfully conducted a local dissemination event. At this gathering, they unveiled the "Skills Evaluation Model (PR3)," a comprehensive framewor...

Estonia - dissemination 04.10.2023

On October 4th, we had the opportunity to participate in the Pärnumaa Youth Inspiration Day, which took place at a local fair. This event brought together nearly 700 young individuals from across the Pärnumaa region. Our booth garnered significant in...