Blended mobility

Blended mobility for young people (Pärnu, Estonia) 6 participants per partner

In January 2023

The blended mobility of young people (BM) (C1) respond to the main objective to pilot the Online toolkit (PR4) and so provide a proper assessment and feedback of them, in view of their official release and use in youth non-formal settings. The BM (C1) will be used for course content evaluation, and for the refinement of the activities and exercises to adapt them to the target group characteristics and seek to identify any unforeseen implementation problems. The daily agenda and activities of participants will be very intensive and will be organized in a way to go through all e-learning units which made up the PR4. The BM (C1) will happen in two phases (online and physical mobility):

-In the first phase (6 weeks) which will be run online, each partner will involve five young people in the age of 15-19 years old, which will have to go through all the e-learning units of the toolkit and report their impressions, issues, feedback to their teacher. After, this first phase of piloting and the feedback received, the different activities inside each e-learning unit will be refined if necessary. For each national group, a representative of each partner more the youth worker that will be the accompanying person of the group for the physical BM will assist the young people during the online piloting.

-In the second phase (7 days + 2 travel days) which will be run through a physical blended mobility in Estonia hosted by RNUN, the young people which participated to the first pilot phase more one youth worker per partner (which will serve as accompanying person) will be involved in face-to-face intensive workshops where they will be able to experiment with the new concepts, implement the knowledge gained from the activities of the toolkit at a more complex level, interact freely and participate in joint activities. After, this second phase of 10 piloting and the feedback received, the different activities inside each e-learning unit will be refined if necessary.

At the end of the BM, participants will be asked to answer a questionnaire that will be used by project partners for further improving the project and the educational mission of the consortium. After the BM, partners together with participants will evaluate the effectiveness of the BM.

At the end of the training participants will receive the Youthpass certificate that will be also presented during the first day of mobility activities. 

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